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How gamification of your web app can increase customer retention

July 22, 2021
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If there's one thing you take away from this blog, it's this: gamification promotes active participation by presenting dry material in the framework of an interactive experience. 

Here are a few quick reasons why:

  • Competition and other gaming elements draw in users
  • Interactive content keeps users engaged
  • In-game quizzes and assessments help evaluate the users

If someone handed you a tablet and instructed you to (a) read 10 pages of an eBook, or (b) complete one level of an interactive game, which would you choose? The majority of people would choose the latter.

Gamification is a pretty straightforward concept that involves turning something that seems boring or tedious - like a website, program, or online community - into a fun, interactive experience. It can also increase user participation and help grow long-term customer relationships.

So why does everything need to be turned into a game, you may ask? It's simple really - games are fun and people like them. Humans have a fundamental drive to compete and win, so gamification is a great way to generate interest and engagement.  

There's also the idea that competition breeds success. A competitor can learn a lot from their opponent and benefit from facing off against them, win or lose. Competition can also bring out the best in a person by forcing them to draw on inner strength and mental endurance to beat their opponent or complete a task.\

Something else that all games have is instructions. Like it or not, instructions force players to follow a clear set of rules and provide a much-needed structure so that things don't devolve into chaos.

Rewards are another vital component of the gamification strategy. A user might earn a new badge after completing a game level, for example, with the recognition serving as a powerful motivator and reward. A points system or leader board section also quantifies success and gives the user bragging rights over their peers too. 

Users can be evaluated through assessments and quizzes within a game as well. This way, companies can collect data and analyze individual employee performance, compare results between employees, and justify the expenses of a gamified web app.

As companies search for new ways to keep existing customers, gamification is a valuable tool for increasing user satisfaction and boosting brand loyalty. People tend to be more open-minded and willing to learn in this case too, which leads to higher levels of customer engagement and retention because people will want to keep playing.

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